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The Life of an Asian
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Tuesday, January 9th, 2007
8:23 pm
Just a quick note. I was looking over my previous entries just to see how drastically different my life is from then and now. It's weird, almost sad. I was one obnoxious writer with THE ALL CAPS going on and the constant "!!!!" at every sentence or every other one. The one thing I miss dearly is the spiritual hunger and satisfaction I had. That has slowly drained away because of my own decisions and mistakes. Very sad indeed. Those who read this, if any remain, please pray that I change for the better.

Current Mood: disappointed
Monday, May 15th, 2006
10:21 pm
Well... almost a month later....
Where do I begin?? Life alone has been busy the last week!! ah!!!
Well, from May 2-6 we had our senior trip!!! :) It was awesome!! Tons of fun!!! We left early Tuesday morning at 5:45am and headed for Branson, Missouri. Now, I know what you're thinking, Branson s full of old people and not a lot of fun things to do. YOU'Re Wrong! With the people we had, and the things we DID do, IT WAS TONS OF FUN!! Ok let's start the intinerary:
That Tuesday night we went to Lambert's Cafe, home of the throwed roll. It was delicious. It had a Cracker Barrel feel with an Olive Garden price. You order your food and they give it to you, ove and over again until you're absolutely stuffed and can eat no more. You see, I ordered shrimp (huge shrimp) and ate them all. I then got more for no charge and ate 6-8 more. In the meanwhile, there are other waiters walking around with potatoes, maccaroni, peas, and ROLLS!!! You were probably wondering why it was called the "home of the throwed roll." A waiter comes by and you wait till he's across the room and say, "hey, can I have a roll?" They'll then proceed to throw you one from across the room. It was good eating! We all left a little stuffed. (the recoed for most shrimp eaten was 148).
Wednesday was spent shopping and little things. I can't remember what we did in any specific order, so the rest will be just a jumbled mess. :) WE went mini-golfing in a neat little building that gave an atmosphere of relaxation and fun. I lost, beaten by 7 by Josh. In that same building we played some good old DDR!! Of course, this was done without the principal's knowledge (sometimes being rebellious is fun, though discouraged).
Oh! Wed. night we went to the Shepherd of the Hills play! It was cool! It was an outdoors play with live animals, loud gunfights, and nail-biting suspense. It gave the history the little town and the people who first inhabited the place. All we saw was the dress rehearsal but I thought it was just as good as any actaul play they had done for real! It was very good. So, if you are ever in Missouri after May6, go see the play, it's worth it. what was neat was when the weather was held off, it was literally all around us with rain, wind, thunder, and lightning. However, I believe that God kept it all away so we could just enjoy the night and not be rained out.
We went to Ripley's Believe or Not Museum and saw all the cool things that were in there. You know what, they actaully had one of the shoes from the tallest recorded man in the world!! It was a size 35AA. Gigantic. WE also went to Silver Dollar City! I was a Valleyfair place with rides but had a MOA feel to it. It had three really, really good rollercoasters: Powderkeg shot you off around 45-50 mph right away, Thunderation had you sit backwards, and Wildfire was a way better Corksscrew at Valleyfair. Yup, pretty awseome. We also got some cool Western shots of us in a "saloon." I was a gunfighter. :-D Friday morning we went go-karting. We were going to go on Thursday, but we were rained out. noo!! So, we missed out on their AWESOME go-karting tracks that were huge and winding and tall and long. Instead, we went on little figure eight tracks for a couple of hours. Eiter way, it was mucho fun. hhmmm..... that is really the highlighs from the senior trip. Any more and I'm sure I would bore you with the deatils. enjoy!
Oh!! I almost forgot!! how could I forget!! One of the best nights was the Dixie Stampede. It was an indoor rodeo show of the North vs. the South (you know, Civil war times). The food was great: one whole chicken per person, biscuit, soup, tea and coffee, dessert, pork, and something else. It was delicious. The show was very good and interactive. All right the next part is cazy awesome. But a diclaimer is due: I am not crazy about women and the next comment is mainly just out of fun with a mix of truth. However, everything that did happen, did happen. Four of us- Joshua, me, Beth, and Brenda- were chosen from the crowd to participate in the arena. it was us four from the North against four from the south. Anyways, the guys had to run to the middle of the fielsd and select one horse to take back to the women. Well, before we move on. A cowgirl flirted with me!!! lol!! To be honest, she was pretty good looking/hot!! :) She asked me my name (I was all big eyed and probably dumb looking) and told me her name (Anna; I got a picture of a picture of her!!!!!) and her horse's name (Baldy). Yeah, now catch this dialogue between us:
"Have much experience with horses?"
"Oh, a little bit. Maybe enough to hold my own."
"Have much experience with cowgirls??" *wink*
"Oh, umm, no, not really."

AH!!!!! That caught me off guard!! She flirted with me!! lol!! Yeah, that was rich. :) Anyways (now that the blushing is over), we ended up only having thosestick ponies you had when you were a kid. The ones with the cloth heads. yeah.. well, to make a long story short, the girls had to ride on the back (our girls were in skirts and rode side saddle) as we ran around little pylons two times in a race against the south. WE WON!! we got cool little medals. (>_<) It was awesome!!!
If I think of more to write as I go throughout the days, I'll tell more about the trip.
But, on the upcoming update, I'll tell about my "prom" and life and family and such.

P.S. Christine, I know that I have been away from Lj and email lately, but I honestly think and pray for you every day. Things aren't easy, I know. All I have to say is that Livejournal is going to miss an incredible member.

Current Mood: tired
Tuesday, April 18th, 2006
10:50 pm
where to begin?! It's been a hecticly busy weekend with friends, church, and Easter.
Let's see. Thursday was spent at Mrs. K's house! We (Gray, Chad, Jamie, Rebekah, Rachael, me, and Ethan) watched movies (King Kong and Equilibrium), talked, and talked! We were up till stinkin' 3:30am! I was just dead tired... I'm getting old! NOOO!!!! So, Friday morning we had to get up at 7:30am to take Rachael out for her 15th birthday. FOUR HOURS OF SLEEP!!!!! AAHH!!!! I was just tired! BUT!! the food was definitely worth it. We ate at Perkins and I got a Ham and Cheese dealio that was absolutely DELICIOUS!!!! Man..... that weekend was filled with delicious food. HHmmmm..... after that I went home around 12'ish and got cleaned up (morning + little sleep + food= grimy feeling) and prepared for a long afternoon. You see, since I'm a senior, I have to try to sell things to raise enough money for my Senior trip. So, that afternoon, for 2 hours, I went around my neighborhood and sold little Papa Murphy's Pizza Cards for $6. I ONLY SOLD 13 out of 15!! Man.... I have tons of money to make. ugh.... After that, I went back to Mrs. K's and hung out for a bit. After that, Ethan, Rachael, Rebekah, and I all went to their friend's house (Kim) to prepare for an egg hunt. Friday night was spent cleaning plastic eggs and drying them, filling them with candy, and dying boiled eggs. It took 2+ hours to finish it all, and, least to say, I was dead tired once again. :)
Saturday morning was all egg hunting time. Kim used this time each year to minister to her neighbors and friends. She points out the real reason for Easter and gives little recipes to the people with verses on each thing. It was pretty neat, especially as there were some unsaved people there. Either way, it was awesome to see those little kids all exited about finding some eggs. :) That took a couple of hours (well, it really started at 6am and finished at 11 or 12). The rest of the day was spent at good ol' Caribou. :P I stayed at home and Ethan at Mrs. K's.
Sunday was church and work for me. I had to work from 1-5pm like every Sunday. I did miss out on some good, fresh cookin' but I was able to go to Chad's house later that night. It was just great to hang out with fellow Christians on Easter. We were able to celebrate Christ's raising from the dead! YEAH!!! read my last journal entry to get the full idea of it. I MEAN IT!! READ IT!! He died that we may live! He rose to show that we will live forever!! hhmmm...... just trust Jesus and love Him. It'll be the best thing to happen to your life!!
That night we went to Gray's house and just hung out. We ate food, watched tv, and just bummed around. however, we did NOT end up sleeping over, I had nothing for the busy day of Monday.
Monday was spent mainly at MEADOW CREEK and Gray's house once again. It was incredible to hear from and see some old students there. I was actually amazed that A LOT of people remembered my name: teachers, classmates, and miscellaneous people I didn't know. I was shocked!!! I now have a kajillion senior pictures to fill out and hand out. Fun time ahead. This is going to keep me busy for a long time! NO!!
Guess what!? I just got a call from Jasmine Grotte and Clarissa Cole!!! Talk about a blast from the past!! I hadn't talked to Clarissa for FOUR YEARS!! She left when I was in either 8th or 9th grade. Yikes... it was cool to hear from her. Sounds like her spiritual life has really gone up! :) Yeah, I just thought it was neat that people from forever ago remember me. It makes me feel pretty special actually.

Current Mood: groggy
Wednesday, April 12th, 2006
11:27 pm
it has alread been a week?!?!? Where does the time go? Man alive....
This past Tuesday WBA had a MACS recital dealio where the choir, some quartets, some duets, and some solos performed for those who attended. :) It was a fun night. Sad to say, that's about it for that night. Well, except for that we (my parents, Ethan, and I) went out to eat at Perkins. Yum! I had a delicious omelette with pancakes, hashbrouns, and plenty of meat inside. :P It was just some good ol' bonding time between us. :) While we were there, we ran into Cassie, Lindsey, Abe, and Trisha from WBA. Yeah, it was funny watching Trisha trying to park when she only has her permit, though she be 17.
Tonight we had our special Easter service! you know, I often don't write about God; but I really should be. honestly, from reading my LJ, would you think a Christian is writing this?? I don't know.... Anyways, I just want to reflect on what Easter is all about. First, it is not all about cute lil' bunnies, sweet chocolate, or Easter egg hunts (though they are fun). What it IS all about is God's love for us. huh?? That's right, GOD LOVES ME, YOU, AND EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THIS PLANET. He sent His ONLY Son, Jesus Christ, to die for US on a cross. He had to endure cruel torture, humiliating deeds, mocking calls, and things that would shake any mortal man to his very soul. However, Christ was only mortal a short time on earth with His human shell. Today, he reigns above all in heaven. We many times forget that simple truth. This is the time when Jesus CAME TO LIFE after he had been buried in a tomb for THREE days. Death had lost its sting, and Christ forever showed the power He has ALWAYS maintained over Satan and his vices. Jesus was sent to this earth that we might live. We have to accept that. We are all sinners, nothing WE do can change that! Only by placing your trust and faith in Christ's saving power will give you the victory. Tell Him you're sorry for the sins you commit daily, for the habit of sin you've been in; and love Him. He first loved us!
Please pray for my parents. Right now they are gone for a bit. So, Ethan and I are sort of wingin' it. :) Pray for their safety! I'd ike to see them home again! :P

Current Mood: nostalgic
Thursday, April 6th, 2006
10:33 pm
I RAN YESTERDAY!!! I started off slowly and ran a little over 2 miles. :) I ran at a leisurely pace and finished in about 30 minutes, enjoying the sun and weather. Why?? Well, today, Thursday, IT RAINED!! Now, I love rain to death because it sounds so awesome, leaves a refreshing smell, and is almost soothing. :) But, because it rained, I couldn't run. :( Oh well, I can't always get what I want. (>_<)
Tomorrow is MACS!! WBA will be going to Fourth Baptist to compete in singing, instrumental music, and art things. I submitted some photos and am in the choir! I was in an ensemble but that quickly keeled over and died in the process( try singing from memory a song that was practiced as a group a total of 3 times...). So, tomorrow from 8-6pm we'll be gone. woot! GUESS WHAT ELSE!!? I'll be able to see my FBCS comrades! I've been looking forward just to hang out and talk with them . I don't know, it's just exciting to have that opporunity.
I just thought of a problem. My parents are gonna be gone for a long while in a little bit, but how am I going to get interent access?!?!? hhhmmmm...... we need a little password that my parents only know to be logged online. However, if they are gone.... how can I get into it??? I don't know... OH!! This'll be a PERFECT excuse to hang out with people (refer to last update)!! I'll go to their houses, talk, hang out, and get online! Perfect! tell me, oh few faithful readers, isn't that a good idea??

Current Mood: thirsty
Tuesday, April 4th, 2006
10:07 pm
you know what? Caribou coffee throws out TONS of food each night if you think about it. For example, I probably just brought home about 30+ items of Bou Gourmet foods!! YIKES!!! And guess what else, they're all going to the teachers at WBA. How often do teachers get free food for a snack from a student?? Never..! So, aside from the 5lbs. of coffee beans I gave them, they're now getting 16 free muffins for their eating pleasure. :)
THE WEATHER OUTSIDE IS BEAUTIFUL!!! BUT... I had to work from 4:30-9:30pm and not get to enjoy it.. I really wanted to run! Man alive!! It was sunny, clear, and the perfect temperature! I WANTED TO BE OUTSIDE but was cooped up. ggrrrr.... :)
let's see... life is going well despite of missing the wonderful weather. :)
one more thing: I NEED TO HANG OUT MORE WITH Angela, Levi, Joshua, Gray, Jess, or Sam! ANYONE!! I'm a senior and NEED TO HAVE FUN BEFORE COLLEGE!!!

Current Mood: crazy
Wednesday, March 29th, 2006
11:27 pm
quickly typing
well, for a short story. WE ARE NOT doing the "Song of Ruth" for a school play this year. However, we will be performing Much Ado about Nothing" later in May. However, once again, I am disappointed AGAIN. First, let me say this: I do not mean to sound selfish or jealous. So, get this. I go from main character Boaz in the "Song of Ruth" with solos and lines and things such as that..... then I become a less than secondary character in "Much Ado about Nothing" with few lines and no significant role.... Very disappointing and annoyed. Like I said, I don't want to sound selfish BUT this is my senior year and I was lready supposed to be a main role.... They gave the main role of Benedick to a JUNIOR (no anger toward him) and gave Don Pedro to me..... I guess life isn't fair. THE SCHOOL MADE THE MISTAKE AFTER ALL!!!! *fuming*

Current Mood: disappointed
Saturday, March 25th, 2006
11:29 pm
wow.... paint is really powerful smelling. Right now our basement is torn apart and being completely redone!! The carpet is gone, the trimming stripped, and the paint begins to dry! My parents hope to finish the paint job by Sunday and the floors by Monday!! We'll get new carpet, now walls, we have a new couch already... WOOHOO!! The downstairs is going to look clean, neat, and comfy.
Well, I told you that I would update you guys about MAACS in Missouri! Before I begin, let me tell you something. MAACS is a competition of schools from the Midwest. 10+ schools showed up with 200+ students, too. So.... First off, IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!! Just hanging out with Travis, Cassy, Angela, Joshua, Katarina, Sarah, Christina, Ethan, and Trina and Cassy's Mom was fun enough. sadly, the Inn we stayed at was having their pool UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!! Oh my word.... what are the chances of us going there at that time? Oh well, we still had fun. We wattched Napoleon Dynamite, played Xbox, talked, slept, and ate food at the Inn. Now, it's time to give a condensed version of everything we did down there (or it would take me years to type and you seconds to read). Well.... our bible Quiz team did very well! Out of 11 teams, we got 4th! But, you must consider that we were missing two GOOD members: Jenny and Amanda. With them, we probably would've been in the top 3. So, that was hair-raising. I was the coach and captain of the Quiz team since our "real" one had to stay in MN b/c he had to help with the envagelistic meetings WBA was holding all week. So, my evaluation as the coach was: WE DID AWESOME! Moving on, I was in the Spelling Bee. I miraculously passed a test and made it in the top 33% and so did Ethan. Well, to make tihngs short... I lost on the word "sequin." In doing so, I got 10th out of 11!!! lol!! Isn't that funny??! I knew I wouldn't last long. [**note: I never heard of "sequin" before nor read it! How was I SUPPOSE to know how to spell it?**] Ethan got 3rd place!! He studied really really hard! VERY HARD!! He did awesome. The word that got him was: "mezzanine." He forgot a "z." Katarina got 2nd in the English test (I took it too but got fewer right and didn't place). Sarah got 1st (?) in Old Testmanet Knowledge. Cassy got 2nd in Female Vocal Solo. Angela got 1st in Violin Solo (sadly, she didn't place in her piano pieces...) and 2nd in Advaced Math. Joshua got 2nd in Extemporaneous Speaking (a speech that is not prepared until 30 minutes before it is given) but didn't place in Topical Preaching (his passion). I did a Creative Writing Essay but didn't place... the judges just missed completely what I wrote!!! enough said on that...
Now, time for my awards! :) Let's see... to make myself sound like a COMPLETE nerd, I got 1st in the Advanced Math Test! I got 20 out of 24 questions! Then, I got 1st on my Declamation Speech!! I gave "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" by Patrick Henry. I got 69 out of 70 points for that one!! Finally, I got 1st on my Digital Photography category!! :) I received a 100 out of 100!! That was exciting!! :) I got three little trophies that were made cheaply (for example, one of mine broke and two other people's broke on the way home). But!! I came home happy and with a blast for my senior year!! We got home around 3am Saturday morning. So, our whole trip started on Wednesday at noon and the end of it was Saturday at 3am..... *tear* it all went by soo quickly!
Good night, I'm tired. :)

Current Mood: contemplative
Monday, March 20th, 2006
11:19 pm
YAY!!!!!! I leave for Kansas City in two days!! It's incredible! My speech, that of Patrick Henry's "Give me liberty or Give me Death," is going superbly. Just pray that I don't get nervous and screw things up. *gulp* Fun times are ahead! woot!!!

p.s. PRAISE!!! Jonathan's doing AWESOME in his walk with the Lord!! HALLELUJAH!! :)

ppsssttt..... we're getting new carpet and new paint on the walls (well, the carpet's going on the floor)!! it echos down here a lot and is a lot more chilly.

Current Mood: nerdy
Friday, March 17th, 2006
9:52 pm
yet another testimony to WBA's lack of organization....
Yesterday (being Thursday), will go into my memory as proof to me that schools just lack in planning and organization, especially when it comes to extracurricular or competition things. Ya see, Thursday afternoon (3rd to last hour=English) our principal comes inside and tells us that we (3-4 of us) need to go to his office after the hour was finished. So, we go and find out that THEY MESSED UP! AHG! They weren't thinking when they scheduled when we would take our academic tests for the MACS (MN Assoc. of Christian Schools) competition. They did not foresee that Kansas City, weekends, and school-related things would interfere with the tests we had to take. So, that Thursday, they say, "So, you need to take them all now or REALLY soon." Well, I was signed up for THREE hours worth of testing (not a big deal until they tald me...): you're gonna be missing PE today. WHAT!!! NO!!! This is probably going to be the ONLY time for the REST of the year when we'll be playing INDOOR SOCCER!!! UGH!! So... that soured my day.... sounds trivial, but when you love soccer as much as I do, then can you understand. I ended up taking my Creative Writing Essay on the topic of "Is there life after high school?" Yeah, I don't know about. Then, today (Friday), I took the English test. WHAT IN THE WORLD?>!!? It had things on there that I hadn't covered since 10th and 9th grade!! I thought it would be similar to the one we took for Kansas City, boy was I wrong!!! It had diagramming (a 10th grade skill I've forgotten) and things that were pointless!! AH! Annoyance... :)
Other than that... life is good. :)

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Monday, March 13th, 2006
11:10 pm
SCHOOL WAS CANCELED TODAY!! Last night it snowed somewhere between 7-8 inches and it was awesome!! WE woke up this Monday morning to an already accumulating pile of snow on our driveway. We got up earlier than normal so to be at school on time (zzzzz....). HOWEVER, I did check WCCO to see if it said that WBA had canceled or not... I waited till 6:45am and it DID NOT say that it was canceled. FOR PETE'S SAKE!! Practically every other school in the WHOLE state had been canceled. AH!!! I really thought that we were the only ones to be in school.... So.... Ethan and I leave early (7:30am) and get to school at EXACTLY 8am (school starts at 8:15). To our dismay (and joy?) school really WAS CANCELED!!! We were the only ones in the whole school to show up! period!! Mr. I said that WCCO was a little slow to get it out but it should;ve had it out by 6:30am..... but when I told him I checked at 6:45... he said, "Oh." and shrugged his shoulders. !!!! (>_<) So, today was an interesting day with many things happening! I went to the mall and bought a Sudoku "game" book (it's a math logic solving game thing) and The Silmarilion by JRR Tolkien. Yup. the rest of the day was just good ol' bumming around. :)
Tonight Mia, Lauren, Beth, and Jon came over! We chatted, talked, played a few minutes of DDR, and watched The Italian Job. (After that we talked some more). Mia texted (is that a word) during a majority of the movie, beth slept and texted, and Lauren, Jon, Ethan, and I wathced the movie. :) Thank guys for hanging out!! Definitely, we need to do it again! woot! I'm gonna see if I can go to Lauren's volleyball game on Monday with Jon to cheer her on! Then a week after next Monday, maybe go see Mia play! busy busy.
Tomorrow night I work. phew!

Current Mood: dirty
Sunday, March 12th, 2006
10:26 pm
hi! I'm back! Guess what?! I just got back from a very good musical put on by Concordia Academy (CA)! It was called "Honk" and was about the Ugly Duckling. I was quite impressed. :) First, it seemed that it was going to be really cheesy and lame. HOWEVER!! It was awesome!! Acting, singing, the people.... all good. :) I saw my friend (Joseph) be in it and heard him sing (I didn't know he could sing soo well!). ALSO! I was surprised when I bumped into one of my friends who used to go to FBCS! Lydia was at FBCS last when I was in 9th grade and didn't return. I had forgotten she went to CA and then I saw her! It was fun, we chatted for a minute (literally) then she was whisked off by her friends. Pretty neat, I'd say. :)
Anyways.... talking about musicals... I really hope ours goes well. It's in a shabby position right now with tons of work... everyone's getting worried. :-/ So, can you all be praying that things come into shape (ie: set, costumes, music, lines, acting, pretty much everything that makes up a play).
hhhmmmm... SNOW STORM!!! It's supposed to snow somewhere between 6-8 inches overnight!! yay!! It already has snowed about 1.5 inches, but it's that slushy stuff, all wet and heavy. I hope that school's canceled tomorrow (high hopes, that is).
Let's see, let's see.....MAACS IS ONLY A WEEK AND A HALF AWAY!!!

Current Mood: hungry
Tuesday, March 7th, 2006
11:11 pm
well, today was a audition for the vocal soloists to sing at MACS. First of all, let me say, WBA REALLY STINKS when it comes to announcing things. I just got my song last Thursday/Friday and NEVER had the chance to touch it over the weekend. Then, Monday night around 8pm, I get a call from my choir director telling me that the prospective soloists were singing TUESDAY MORNING!!! THE VER NEXT DAY!!! AH!!! I hadn't even practiced my song fully through! I had touched it once when I was choosing what song to sing.... anyways... so, I sang this morning (after SEVERAL times of running through it Monday night with my mom). I woke up and warmed up my voice by randomly talking, singing in the shower, doing scales, hitting middle "C" on the piano, and doing everytihng humanly possible to sing this Tuesday morning. Yeah... no good. I went in with several things against me: a dry voice (I drank TONS of water), scratchy voice (I had to sing at 8:35am), still getting over a cold, never sang it through with the accompaniment, and I was nervous. Now, you put these together and you get a recipe for DISASTER. I doubt I'll be singing fior MACS any time soon as a soloist. I DO hope that our quartet and trio do well. :)

Current Mood: frustrated
Friday, March 3rd, 2006
11:16 pm
You know, other than that great news about my CCCU TWEP scholarship from Cedarville Unviersity, my life is pretty boring!
I've been working a lot (a lot= more than Saturday and Sunday), doing homework a lot, and doing nothing a lot. I'm trying to reread my WHOLE collection of the Shannara series by Terry Brooks. It's incredible! I'm on the 3rd book of the 14 or 15 book sereis with an average of 300 pages per book!! woot!
I don't know what to type about!! I guess this is just one of those plain, read-it-and-forget-it entries that get comments like, "wow" "cool" "ha" or "this is life?". :)
One thing I can tell you about is that the play "Song of Ruth" will be on the nights of the 27-29th at WBA. I'll be singing four songs (one or two solos and a duet in there) as Boaz. Things are coming along REALLY slowly- music is taking a while, acting is slow, scripts are unmemorized.... a lot of work is yet to be done!! Along the topic of singing, I'm singing a solo, trio, quartet, and a choir song for a MACS competition sometime in April!! I have a lot of work to do in a month! AH!

Current Mood: cranky
Thursday, March 2nd, 2006
12:30 am
don't worry!
ah! I'm not dead!! I have just been WAY to busy and distracted to get online or email people! I know, I know, people are just dying to hear about my wonderful life, but yeah... not going to happen for a few more days. I'll try! Just bear with me for a while!

Current Mood: busy
Tuesday, February 21st, 2006
11:29 pm
guess what?!?! prayer pays off! You know that I've been wanting to go to Cedarville. I've applied, sent in recommendations, and gotten two little scholarships that will last only for my freshamn year (stiil, they total up to over $1000!!!). But!! I've asked for prayer (I think...) about getting a certain scholarship that will make going to Cedarvill university REALLY cheap. The scholarship is called the CCCU Tuition Waiver Exchange Program that "only covers tuition." In other words, "Congrats on getting this scholarship that pays for ALL YOUR TUITION. You will pay for room and board and books, but we cover tuition!!" This is literally saving me $80,000 in college!! I'll only have to pay about a max of $3000 a year!! That's cheap in comparison to the grand sum! WOOHOO!!!! I'm really hoping I'll get a job like my sis had as a traveling ministry team. It'll be quite the experience and pay some big bucks. Either way, colege is going to be incredible this year!! :)

Great news?? huh?!

Current Mood: ecstatic
Monday, February 20th, 2006
10:00 pm
don't you hate it when you buy something awesomely new and it gets ruined?? Well, I bought some sweet-awesome shoes that are white/suede and so forth.... THEY ALREADY HAVE A BIG OIL/DIRT SMUDGE RIGHT ON THE TOE!!! AH!! I've worn it once and it had nothing on it when the day was over. I didn't wear it again that week then went to Iowa, leaving them in my room. I got back..... there's a smudge on them that DOESN'T COME OUT!! FRUSTRATING!! I know it's just a thing but I invested $60 into them and I wasn't even the one to ruin them.... ugh.

Current Mood: annoyed
3:15 pm
ok, I'm back
AH!! Before you read anymore of this entry, be sure to readthe one BEFORE this one. This one is a continuation of the previous entry. So, enjoy this AFTER you read the prior one. Thank you. :)
So, the prank was the best one I've ever pulled off. You see, last year the girls in my youth group stole some syrup from IRBC and squirted it at 4 of our guys as they were going back to their rooms. Some clothes were permanently ruined and plans for revenge were being formed. Then a few months later, we had a mission trip in Chicago at the Pacific Garden Mission. There, the girls were allowed into our hotle room to put hair in the shower. tuna on the heater to make the room stink, wet cloths in our bedding to make sleeping uncomfortable, and yeah. WE WERE NEVER ALLOWED TO RETALIATE, even though we asked to do it. So, this year, we decided to make plans behind some people's backs to get back at our wonderful women. So, my friend, Grayson, went to a bait shop and bought 100 maggots and 36 worms. He then bought skunk scent to fumigate their room with. Everything went down on Saturday night while everyone was away from the girl's dorms. Five of us (two others were involved but not directly) went into the dorms and planted two worms on each bed that we knew belonged to our girls. We dumped the maggots into a closed sink just for a gross factor, and Gray dumped the scent into an empty half-can of mountain dew. The smell permeated EVERYTHING!! the inside and outside stank! :) The girls were defintely grossed out and we got the desired effect. However, doing it was an adventure by itself. We were all super jumpy and every little noise made us scatter. For example, we heard some noise and flew into hiding- me under the bathroom sink, one behind a rom curtain, and others under beds and so forth. However, Levi was the culprit who made us hide and we went back to planting the goods. Then, we heard women's voices and bookedit out of the room. After debating, I was sent in by myself to do the last touches with the remaining worms. In the end, it was a masterpiece. But, everything has a consequence. The girls were going to take it coolly, which is incredible, but one of the girls outside of our youth group found out. It all ended up with everyone knowing it was us. Our youth leader, the camp director, and others were "disappointed" and angry. The fact that we pulled the prank isn't the problem.. the fact that we broke the rule of guys going into girls rooms WAS the problem. So, we had to clean up 5 buildings of the camp and took 2 hours to finish up.
overall, IT WAS AWESOME!! We all would od it again if we had the choice. Yeah, we are sorry we broke the rules, but glad we pulled it off. :) That was a highlight.
hhmmmm.. anything else about camp?? Two people were saved!! yay!! that's always exciting! :) I don't know, it was just fun to hang out wiht everyone and get to know the new people a little more. :) So, until next time!

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WEll, this weekend was a blast! MY youth group and I were able to go to IRBC (A Christian camp located in Iowa) from Friday to Sunday afternoon. IT WAS AWESOME!! We got there Friday night and played some sweet-awesome floor hockey against oithers and oursleves (we had about 30 people go from our church). WE then had a chapel service that was inviggoraitng. The sad thing this year about camp is that it seemed more spiritually ded than the years past. I mean, it was still a great time for learning about God but the whole atmosphere just wasn't the same. The singing was dull, the people were dull, and our group was the most excited and happy about things. Most of the guys that went (me, Levi, Justin, and Ethan) noticed this difference pretty much the first night. It was still incredible, believe me, but not as much as it has been. Anyways, Saturday mornig was a time of free time, chapel, delicious food, and more free time. I had the chance to drive my first snowmobile (since I am 18) and flipped it on its side within 2 minutes!! WOOHOO!!! I couldn't flip it becuase I had bad footing, bad grip, and I'm just not as strong as most people. I'm not a weakling, I'm just average. :) So, once it was flipped back, I was able to give more people rides and do no more harm. HOWEVER.... I did accidentally fling a kid off the back of my snowmobile... he's tiny and we hit a big bump and went flying in the air! I looked back and saw him barely holding on then flying off! I saw him hit the snow, saw snow flying, and saw him sort of rol for a second. AH!! I was fraked out I hurt the kid. Phew, he was ok and was thrilled! He was like, "that was awesome!" I, on the other hand, was like, "You ok?? I'm sorry, you hurt? you sure you're ok??" and so on and so forth. That night, there were a bunch of tournaments set up and..... well, I'll that and more when I get back. It's time to go get some food from Quizno for lunch!! So, on my return, I'll expound more about the weekend and a daring prank we pulled.

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Tuesday, February 14th, 2006
9:46 pm
quick comment
Dear Readers:
You know, as I read my emails... I see a lot of "!!!!!!!!" after many of my sentences. Now, for those who don't know me and only through LJ, the exclamation points are not done in anger or yelling. You see, I like to be enthusiastic when I speak, write, or whatever. I use motions with my hands, sound effects with my mouth (most of my friends can testify to that), and fluctuate my voice. I like to make conversations as fun and easy as possible. So, when you read my updates or whatnots, "!!"'s are just to emphasize things. :) YAY!

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